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Who should/can play Steve Jobs in an upcoming movie about the tech titan? #teechy

8 Oct

Word is Sony Pictures has inked a deal with Steve Jobs biography writer Walter Isaacson for $1 to $3 million to produce a movie based on his upcoming book.

via Who Should Play Steve Jobs In the Now Inevitable Steve Jobs Biopic?.

And yes, Sony Pictures also did The Social Network and Moneyball.Who Should Play Steve Jobs In the Now Inevitable Steve Jobs Biopic?

Nuance may be buying Swype for $100 million w/ competition from Apple’s Siri #teechy

8 Oct

Nuance reportedly buying Swype for $100 million — Engadget.

Swype’s finger gliding input method with QuickType has been very popular on Android handsets, allowing quick and efficient typing unlike the iPhone. But is voice input the new thing? Apple and Nuance seem to think so.

But $100 million for only being around for a few years? Not bad for the Seattle-based startup, Nuance.

Samsung and Google postpone Ice Cream Sandwich and Galaxy Nexus

8 Oct

Samsung and Google postpone Ice Cream Sandwich and Galaxy Nexus — Engadget.


CURVED-glass, Android handset by Samsung delayed (original release date was Oct. 11) to respect Steve Jobs’ passing

Soon you’ll be able to unlock your smartphone using face-detection technology

8 Oct

Facelock app hits the Ovi Store, Symbian handsets frame your face for security – Engadget.

Only for Symbian3 handsets now, but expect to see this standard in future iterations of iPhones, iPads, Androids, and other smartphone, tablet, and even computer products. The future is near.

200K AT&T Apple iPhone 4S pre-orders sold out. New wait = 1-2 wks

8 Oct

Apple iPhone 4S now shipping in ‘one to two’ weeks, over 200,000 AT&T pre-orders in first 12 hours — Engadget.

Looks like demand for the iPhone 4S is still very high despite no iPhone 5! Good for Apple, and for Steve.

Starbucks now offerring FREE Wi-Fi in 650 UK stores!

8 Oct

Starbucks brews up free, two-click WiFi in the UK — Engadget.

People in the UK will no longer need to sign up for a Starbucks Rewards card in order to use Starbucks’ Wi-Fi. Just 2 clicks to login and you’re online! Especially great for those visiting the UK, as they will less likely need to purchase a SIM card for data and VoIP calls, given 650 new Wi-Fi hotspots.

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