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“Shaker” startup creates 3D virtual rooms/bars for you to hang out in with your FB friends and meet new people through those friends. #teechy

10 Oct

Shaker creates 3D virtual rooms/bars for you to hang out in with your Facebook friends and meet new people through those friends. When Shaker first pitched me for Disrupt, it was through chat and then directly by launching the app in Facebook it was already live in stealth mode with Israeli users. It was the middle of the night in Israel, but the room was packed. You can walk up to people and chat, check out their Facebook profiles, and really socialize. Shaker is a virtual world, but with real identities.

Shaker has raised $18M to date.

shaker check

See the video here: Less Than A Month After Winning Disrupt, Shaker Raises $15 Million | TechCrunch.

Square’s disruptive new iPad payments service will replace cash registers, loyalty cards, and the way we buy forever #teechy

10 Oct

Square Register For The iPad

Every transaction you make will now entail a copy of the receipt to the purchaser via SMS and email. Simple. Responsible.

Now, with the upgrade, merchants can send customers a link to download an app on their mobile phone called a Square Card Case. Dorsey says merchants will have Google Analytics style data that merchants can access, such as how many muffins were sold, and to which types of customers, and more.

The Square Card Case For Consumers (Virtual loyalty cards! Never forget one at home again!)

via Square’s Disruptive New iPad Payments Service Will Replace Cash Registers | TechCrunch.

Aisle411 shows where your shopping items are in grocery and large retail stores. Aisles, on your phone. #teechy

10 Oct

aiPhone Screenshot 2

Aisle411 is an indoor navigation app designed to help you find your way through large retail stores, like Lowe’s or Home Depot, as well as in grocery stores like Albertson’s, Giant, Safeway, Von’s and others.

via Aisle411 Partners With ZipList For Shopping Lists, Recipe Search | TechCrunch.

Download from iTunes:

Android App to launch later this year

3 iPhones


Don’t ever go to Best Buy or Apple to fix your sick technology. Stick with Teechy. A fraction of the price #teechy

10 Oct

Top 10 Tactics for Diagnosing and Fixing Your Sick Technology

via Lifehacker Top 10 – Lifehacker stories – Lifehacker.

10. Disable Crap You Don’t Need

9. Take a Break

8. Talk It Out with a Troubleshooting Buddy

7. Make Sure It’s Not Just You

6. Check Your Logs

5. Perform Regular Maintenance Tasks

4. Set Up Remote Access

3. Use Alternative Search Engines When Looking for Help

2. Hit Up Helpful Q&A Web Sites

1. Restart

Steve Jobs MAY have left a Special Four Year Plan for Apple #teechy

10 Oct

Did Steve Jobs Leave a Special Four Year Plan for Apple?.

Also, in Jan 2011, it was reported that Apple was spending a ton of money on flash contracts for a very special and unique product coming out.

Apple is a perfect example of this: they made contracts well in advance to secure a steady supply of low price flash memory and touch screens over the next several years. They did it for the MacBook Air, the iPhone, the iPod touch and the iPad. That’s why their prices are lower than the rest of the industry and their margins higher.


Why California Bans Tanning Beds for Teens #teechy

10 Oct

Guidos and guidettes might be more common in Jersey, but every state has clueless teenagers who fear not death via melanoma. That’s why California Governor Jerry Brown signed a law on Sunday that forbids teenagers between 14 and 18 from using tanning beds in the Golden State (kids under 14 were already banned).

via Why California Is Right to Ban Tanning Beds for Teens.

For $30, turn your iPhone into a 350x microscope, courtesy to UC-Davis #teechy

10 Oct

Scientists Turn iPhone Into Microscope with $30 Mod | Gadget Lab |

Great for classroom and research fields!

It’s resolution of 1.5 microns is sensitive enough that doctors can use it to view red blood cells and diagnose blood diseases like iron deficiency sickle-cell anemia. And it’s cheap. Even when you add in the cost of an iPhone, the $30 lens system is significantly less expensive than a full-size microscope.


Discovery orders Steve Jobs documentary with ‘Mythbusters’ hosts #teechy

10 Oct


Discovery orders Steve Jobs documentary with ‘Mythbusters’ hosts | Inside TV |

The documentary premieres Sunday, Oct. 16 at 8 p.m. and will air across Discovery’s portfolio of networks in 210 countries and territories.

Smoking Marijuana Will Make You Sad If You Have the Wrong Genetics #teechy

10 Oct

“Two-thirds of the population have the gene variant that makes one sensitive to depression.”

Otten and his colleagues collected data from 310 adolescents over four years. Each year the kids answered questions about their behavior and mood. The researchers also tested for a serotonin gene called 5-HTT, which is associated with increased vulnerability to developing depression. Then they also collected data from the group’s younger siblings and saw the same results.

Otten says the results are robust and that he took into consideration other factors that could have contributed to depression, including alcohol use, upbringing, personality and socio-economic status. He also accounted for the possibility that the depression came first, and that the study subjects were self medicating. “In the longer term, that is definitely not the case,” Otten said it a press release.

via Smoking Pot Will Make You Sad If You Have the Wrong Genetics.

Google unearths its new programming language, Dart, to replace Javascript #teechy

10 Oct

Google unveils Dart, its new programming language for web applications.

After months of teasing, Google has finally unveiled Dart, its new programming language for building web applications, a new platform developed with simplicity, efficiency, and scalability in mind, combining powerful new language features with familiar language constructs into easy to define code.

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