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The iPad gets a Facebook app, finally — Engadget #teechy

10 Oct

The iPad gets a Facebook app, finally — Engadget.

It’s finally here for the iPad and redesigned for the iPhone. No more need for 3rd party apps like MyPad+!

Facebook’s Timeline is rolling out to the public soon. Check this out to be in the loop! #teechy

10 Oct



Sam Lessin Pitches The Facebook Timeline | TechCrunch.

Because Facebook Timeline is rolling out to the public in the coming weeks, Facebook brought in press last week to do a “deep dive” on this new visual way of organizing our online social lives.

We went through every possible question I had about Timeline, except for maybe, “Why doesn’t Facebook think people will be hesitant to express negative events, like the death of a family member, on Facebook Timeline?.”

Don’t forget, you can get Facebook timeline before everyone else by switching to developer mode. Takes 5 minutes or less. Go here to learn how:



1st day pre-orders for iPhone 4S were most for any new Apple product launch! (1MIL in 24hrs!) #teechy #ThankYouSteve

10 Oct

The first day pre-orders for iPhone 4S have been the most for any new product that Apple has ever launched and we are thrilled that customers love iPhone 4S as much as we do.


via Apple Sells One Million iPhone 4S Units In 24 Hours.


Godspeed, Steve. The naysayers were wrong.

The iPhone 4S should have much better signal and reception on all carriers #teechy

10 Oct

Giz Explains: What’s So Smart About the iPhone 4S’s Antenna?.

Antennae diversity and smart antennae switching!



Qwikster Disappears Like the Bad Dream It Was #teechy

10 Oct

Qwikster Disappears Like the Bad Dream It Was.

Qwikster is dead! It’s just going to be Netflix (streaming & DVD) like everyone wanted it. The last price changes will stay the same, but only Netflix from here on out according to the CEO, Reed Hastings.

Have an iPad? Been waiting for the perfect handwritting notes app? Noteshelf may be for you #teechy

10 Oct

Noteshelf for iPad on the iTunes App Store.

I’ve been using PenUltimate forever with my Griffin stylus, but Noteshelf may be my next note-taking app.

PenUltimate has been great for providing multiple colors to write with (about 5-6) and offers wrist-protection and notebook organization, but Noteshelf may be worth the $4.99 tag with all of these great features:

Pros for Noteshelf:

  • Gets your notes and notebooks organized
  • Allows you to customize your notebooks
  • Gives you 17 digital ink pens that provide the writing experience very close to real-life pen & paper. Highlighter, eraser, and wrist protection
  • Exports your notes to PDF and image files
  • Allows direct printing using AirPrint
  • Automatically syncs and uploads your notes to your Dropbox and Evernote accounts
  • Great customer support!

iPad Screenshot 1iPad Screenshot 2iPad Screenshot 3iPad Screenshot 4iPad Screenshot 5

The best iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android tablet, Kindle Fire stylus out there: by Griffin #teechy

10 Oct

At $10.82 with free Prime or Super-Saver shipping from Amazon, this is the best stylus for capacitive touchscreen products (a stylus that conducts the current from your body onto the tablet’s screen in order to make the tablet think that your finger is touching the screen, when your stylus actually is instead) . Thinking about using Noteshelf, PenUltimate, or any other note-taking app? Or just want to draw? Use this.


  • CHEAP! I bought mine at $20+ when it first came out, and it’s still worth it!
  • Very soft stylus tip allows easy, smooth writing and drawing on capacitive touchscreens. Your handwriting will actually look like your handwriting. Those <$5 styluses on Amazon don’t glide as easily as Griffin’s does, leaving your handwriting looking elementary, but leaving your drawings looking normal. (Good for drawing, not writing if you buy the non-Griffin stylus)
  • Super-light. But feels like a sturdy, durable pen/pencil.
  • High-sensitivity, omni-directional point won’t scratch or smudge your touchscreen
  • Great for right- and left-handed writers
  • Use with any app for greater comfort and control


  • I wish I had bought it at $10 instead of +$20
  • The cheap <$5 ones on Amazon aren’t nearly as good, but tend to come in bundles with other styluses, allowing easy replacement should you lose one.

Griffin Technology Stylus for iPad, iPod touch, iPhone and other touchscreens

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