Smoking Marijuana Will Make You Sad If You Have the Wrong Genetics #teechy

10 Oct

“Two-thirds of the population have the gene variant that makes one sensitive to depression.”

Otten and his colleagues collected data from 310 adolescents over four years. Each year the kids answered questions about their behavior and mood. The researchers also tested for a serotonin gene called 5-HTT, which is associated with increased vulnerability to developing depression. Then they also collected data from the group’s younger siblings and saw the same results.

Otten says the results are robust and that he took into consideration other factors that could have contributed to depression, including alcohol use, upbringing, personality and socio-economic status. He also accounted for the possibility that the depression came first, and that the study subjects were self medicating. “In the longer term, that is definitely not the case,” Otten said it a press release.

via Smoking Pot Will Make You Sad If You Have the Wrong Genetics.

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