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Steve Jobs Worked the Day Before He Died #truepassion #teechy

19 Oct

From a commenter: “I agree with you. What I think some people cant begin to comprehend is what it must be like to create something like Apple, INC out of nothing and for it to become what it is. Most of us will never get to that level. People sometimes put Jobs in the same category of other CEOs but it isnt like the CEO of Sony or of Disney- Steve Jobs created co-created Apple. It was his company. And to have it start as a company in a garage to success to being kicked out of it to returning and making it the biggest tech company on the planet and one of the biggest companies of any sort is a huge accomplishment. And he didnt get it there by sitting on his ass. Ever. Even when dying. And dont forget, he had been dying for years.”

via Steve Jobs Worked the Day Before He Died.

Barometers to be the new features in mobile handsets #teechy

19 Oct

The Unforeseen Awesome

Heres the other thing: once devs get their hands on Ice Cream Sandwich and its barometric possibilities, who knows what they might come up with? The most obvious secondary benefit might be to gaming developers, who could use the altitude measuring to improve control schemes in games. But whats most exciting are the possibilities we cant even dream of yet. And its something no one else has right now.

via Why the Barometer Is Androids New Trump Card.

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