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RunKeeper is the BEST app to track your run, and it just got updated with auto pause, heart rate monitoring, and more for iOS and Android. Plus, it’s FREE.

31 Oct

Probably the best app for running, RunKeeper for iOS and Android, just got a really helpful update. And it’s FREE! One problem it had was that it continued logging your time even if you’d stop at a light or to tie your shoe. A new update fixes that and adds some new features including heart rate zone monitoring!

This running app WILL help you lose weight and get in top shape. It’s your personal running coach.



via RunKeeper Updates With Auto Pause, Heart Rate Zones, and More.

Hacker group, Anonymous, who took down child porn ring is now on a warpath with Zetas Drug Cartel after kidnapping of group member. Will release identities of corrupt police officers Nov. 5.

31 Oct

Anonymous, the hacking group

After successfully taking out a child porn ring, hacker group, Anonymous, is threatening war on November 5th with Mexicos Zetas drug cartel, after the kidnapping of an Anonymous member from Veracruz. The video states that if the Mexican drug cartel doesn’t free the kidnapped Anonymous member unharmed, the hacking group will release the names, addresses and photos of taxi drivers, journalists and police officers on the payroll of the criminal gang. The video ends with an ultimatum that simply states that they “will always remember this coming November 5th”.

via Anonymous On a Warpath With Zetas Drug Cartel After Kidnapping Of Group Member.

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