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Sure, you know Facebook Timeline is available. But here’s how to get it going now.

15 Dec


Facebook Timeline is finally here for the masses. Wait, you don’t know how to activate it? Fret not, friend, we’ll show you how to get up and running on the new Facebook so you can join in on the fun.

So this is your old boring Facebook wall/profile/whatever. Your life feels meaningless. Facebook wasn’t making you miserable because it was inherently bad. It was totally because you didn’t have the new Timeline view. So let’s fix that. Go up to your URL bar and enter and hit enter.

How to Get Facebook Timeline Right NowNext you’ll land on Facebook’s promo page for Timeline. Endure the sales pitch if you want, but chances are you’re already sold, so just hit that green button at the bottom of the page that says “Get Timeline.”

VOILA PRESTO SHAZAM! Timeline just appeared before your very eyes. It’s gotdamn amazing, isn’t it? You can feel the nihlism seeping out of your body by the second. But before your Timeline transformation is complete, you’ll need to review your page and approve it by hitting “Publish Timeline” in the top right corner. Do it. You know you want to.


And there you have it. You’ve just changed for the better. Now go and live your new, meaning-filled life.


How to Get Facebook Timeline Right Now.

Netflix 2.0 for iPad Goes Beautifully Clutter-Free

15 Dec


Netflix 2.0 for iPad Goes Beautifully Clutter-Free

So beautiful from a UI/UX perspective.

Netflix 2.0 for iPad Goes Beautifully Clutter-Free.

Dearest music labels, can you please stop trying to make Grooveshark a guinea pig? Where are all your lawsuits against Google and Amazon?

15 Dec

Just as Google takes down any music or music videos that are uploaded by Google/YouTube account holders and deemed “copyright-infringing” by music labels or artists, so does Grooveshark.

So why not sue Google as well? You’re just trying to shut down a smaller, but innovative company that was one of the first movers and sponsors of music in the digital, streaming age.

By the way, I heard of this thing called Google Music. I’ve currently uploaded over 13,000 songs to it too. Oh, and I did the same for Amazon Music.

But wait, did Google and Amazon get your permission before starting these music services like Apple did? No. Google reached out only after starting its service, and Amazon still has ways to come.

So why not work things out fairly with Grooveshark?

Be fair to everyone, or just let the innovators continue changing the world we live in for the better. I’ve bought concert tickets for musical artists I found on Grooveshark that I would have never purchased had I not heard their music streaming on Grooveshark.



Grooveshark to be sued by Warner and Sony — Tech News and Analysis.

Will Amazon Soon Spy On You Through Your Kindle or Amazon Phone?

15 Dec

Made public last week, the patent describes a system that allows mobile devices — read Kindles, or a future Amazon phone — to track the geographical position of users, and then use that information to predict their likely next steps. The intention is then to use that information to better target ads, coupons, or other messages, that could appear either on the mobile device itself, or on big screens or other displays on the person’s route.

It’s not hard to imagine Amazon striking up deals with retailers, malls and venues who have TVs and other displays dotted abut, in order to beam adverts right at you. Nor is it hard to imagine it working incredibly well: if I was at a bar at a sports game and received a promotional voucher on my phone or Kindle offering cheap tequila, then hell, I may well take it.

via Will Amazon Soon Spy On You Through Your Kindle?.

Facebook Timeline is now LIVE for EVERYONE!

15 Dec

The New Facebook Is Finally Here (For Everyone).

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