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Patient Gets First-ever Lab-Grown Blood Transfusion. And he’s doing fine.

11 Nov






Patient Gets First Lab-Grown Blood Transfusion Ever.

Although scientists have just managed the miracle of turning rice into blood, a team from Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris have made blood from bone marrow stem cells.

Their first patient, who received this artificial blood transfusion, is doing fine. Currently, the blood cells look like their acting like normal blood cells.

Could donors become a thing of the past? Very possible.

Just don’t let any vampires in that laboratory.

How They’ll Know if Justin Bieber Is a Baby Daddy, and How You Can Too.

7 Nov

How They’ll Know if Justin Bieber Is a Baby Daddy

I suspected Justin Bieber was no innocent when I saw him for the first time on television.

It was TMZ, and he must have been 15 at the time. He was being tailed by cameramen who were asking really smart questions like: “What’s the best thing about being Justin Bieber?” The tween heartthrob replied: “The girls,” like super soberly. It gave me shivers.

So when 20-year-old Mariah Yeater said The Bieb was her baby daddy, my ears perked up. She’s got Justin and his lawyer’s attention, too. He has agreed to undergo DNA testing, which will out the deceiver in this story: People might lie, but DNA doesn’t.

Unless someone mixes up the test tubes, a DNA test is pretty much guaranteed to tell you exactly who fathered a child, granted you’ve obtained a bit of saliva or blood from everyone involved. DNA paternity testing became available in 1988. Before that fatherhood was more suggested than proven using blood types (paternity could be excluded but not proven). It got a little more accurate in the ’70s and ’80s with electrophoresis, which could identify certain genetic markers, but not down to the letter like DNA testing can today.

If the paternity suit is bogus, here’s why Mariah Yeater is not, perhaps, the sharpest tool in the shed (besides that fact that she will have instigated her own statutory rape investigation). And if it is true, this is why The Biebs is F’d in more ways than one.

1. Pay for it
Mail order home tests cost as little as $79, others can cost between $400 and $2000, depending on how complicated the test is (Are you testing one or more kids? Are you also testing for maternity? How fast do you need it?). There’s some controversy over whether the home tests are as good as the in-person ones. We suggest you make certain the test is submissible in court if that’s what you need.

2. Get it
Paternity tests these days typically use a simple swab from inside the cheek of the potential family members: daddy, mommy, baby. Spit contains plenty of DNA, since a full complement of your genetic info is present in every cell in your body. Or they might sometimes use blood. You can go to a lab or mail-order your test—more on that below. If you’re in more of a hurry, you can test for paternity after the first trimester of pregnancy with amniocentesis or a technique calledchorionic villus sampling.

3. Got it
Each parent contributes half the DNA—23 chromosomes each—to their offspring’s genetic make up. DNA is made of the nucleic acids adenine, thymine, cytosine and guanine represented by the letters A, T, C and G. They travel in pairs (A binds with T and C binds with G), and together they create that double helix swirl you see in the media pretty much any time DNA is discussed.

4. Read it
Scientists read the story these letter tell using technology such as a polymerase chain reaction, or PCR, which amplifies the DNA into an amount they can more easily examine. First they identify the mother’s DNA and exclude that from the reading, which is easy because only women have mitochondrial DNA, A.K.A mtDNA. The father’s contribution is what’s left, but they don’t study his entire genome. That would take too long and be way expensive. Instead, scientists choose DNA markers, usually around 16 of them, then compare those markers to the baby’s DNA.

5. Keep track of it
To prevent test-tube mix-ups, technicians split the DNA sample in two and check each one against the other throughout the analysis process.

6. Confirm it
DNA paternity tests are very accurate (about 99.9 percent). They’re so accurate that they can even determine paternity by testing DNA from grandparents and cousins, and even using saliva left on a drinking glass.

Not all tests are created equal, at least in the eyes of the law. Some are court-approved while others, often the at-home, mail-in kind, are mostly used for peace of mind—or when deciding to move forward with a lawsuit. We’re guessing Biebs et. al. will be springing for the former.

You Go To the Gym to Work Out Your Body. So Use Lumosity to Work Out Your Brain & Get Smarter.

7 Nov






Lumosity partners with researchers at Stanford, UCSF, Harvard, and Columbia, among other prestigious universities. We also work with numerous health care organizations to provide cognitive training services.



  • Exercise you’ll love

    Our neuroscientists and game developers work hard to design entertaining exercises you’ll want to play everyday. After all, the harder you train, the stronger your brain. We believe that is a truly enjoyable experience — and we’re not the only ones who think this.

  • Over 35+ games and exercises

    Lumosity subscribers have access to over 35+ brain games and exercises. Based on extensive research, our games enhance the brain’s ability to remember details, solve problems, pay attention, multitask — and much, much more.

  • Adaptive learning

    While exercises are easy to learn, they can also be difficult to master. Don’t worry, though, we did this on purpose. Studies have found time and time again that the human brain needs constant challenge. provides this challenge with the help of proprietary algorithms that adapt the difficulty level to match the needs of each and every subscriber. As you improve, our games get more and more difficult, forcing your brain to improve even more.


Brain Games & Brain Training – Lumosity.

Researchers Squeeze HSA Blood Proteins from Rice

1 Nov

Human Serum Albumin HSA is a protein commonly used in vaccines and often administered for serious burn injuries and liver disease and commonly in short supply due to a lack of donors. That’s why researchers from Wuhan University have figured out how to grow it—not in people, but in rice. Hit the link to read more.

via Researchers Squeeze Blood Proteins from Rice.

RunKeeper is the BEST app to track your run, and it just got updated with auto pause, heart rate monitoring, and more for iOS and Android. Plus, it’s FREE.

31 Oct

Probably the best app for running, RunKeeper for iOS and Android, just got a really helpful update. And it’s FREE! One problem it had was that it continued logging your time even if you’d stop at a light or to tie your shoe. A new update fixes that and adds some new features including heart rate zone monitoring!

This running app WILL help you lose weight and get in top shape. It’s your personal running coach.



via RunKeeper Updates With Auto Pause, Heart Rate Zones, and More.

Voalte is the future of hospitals and patient care.

30 Oct

Voalte is the future of hospitals and patient care.



The iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and BlackBerry are finally making their way into hospitals to provide real-time feedback about patients to nurses anywhere in the hospital, increasing efficiency and the quality of patient care and safety.

Voalte – Smartphone Hospital Communications – Voalte.

Edinburgh University researchers develop artificial blood from bone marrow stem cells! 98% of people can receive (O-negative). Science win.

30 Oct

Researchers at Edinburgh University have developed a new type of faux blood that could be ready for human testing in as little as two years.

Their technique involves growing stem cells taken from the bone marrow of healthy adults into a new material thats very close to the red blood cells grown naturally in humans. Moreso, the artificial blood they create would be the rare, and highly sought after, type O-negative which can be used in 98% of patients.

And it would be guaranteed to be free of infections like HIV or Hepatitis. The researchers are confident that their process has been perfected to the point where clinical trials could begin in just 2 years.

But since their technique only produces red blood cells, they’d have to then work with other researchers to combine it with artificial hemoglobins before the artificial blood could become part of regular hospital use. A process that could take up to another 10 years.

via Artificial Blood From Bone Marrow Stem Cells Still Makes Me Genuinely Queasy.

Hopkins Doctors Devise Brain Cancer Removal That Saves Face—Specifically, Yours

27 Oct

Removing tumors at the base of the skull have traditionally required going in through the facial area—sometimes with disfiguring results. However, a doctor at John Hopkins University has figured out how to reach the back of your head using the skulls natural openings.

via Doctors Devise Brain Tumor Removal That Saves Face—Specifically, Yours.

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