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The creators of the iPod are bringing Bill Gates’ “SmartHouse” to yours, starting with a futuristic thermostat that adjusts temperature to your habits

25 Oct

iPod fathers unveil their next project, the Nest Learning Thermostat hands-on — Engadget. –> $249 @ Best Buy, starting in November 2011

According to Nest, the thermostat takes just about a week to start picking up on your routine, at which point it adjusts the temperature accordingly. It knows, for instance, that the whole family’s out of the house by 9am, and that people start trickling back in around four in the afternoon. That’s all thanks to a collection of six sensors, which keep tabs on metrics like temperature, ambient light, humidity and motion — whether it’s fingers about to touch the display or people passing in and out of the room.

Because of those far-field sensors, in particular, the Nest knows that you’re not at home if it hasn’t detected movement in ages. So, it lowers the temperature anyway, even if that’s a time when you’d typically be around. And let’s say you have a few of these installed throughout the house. Although they each learn independently, they also talk to each other, so if you walk through the foyer, the thermostat upstairs will know you’re home.

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