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Use todoTweet to create To-Do lists with your Twitter account!

18 Jan

Use todoTweet to create To-Do lists with your Twitter account!

Just tweet any task with hashtag #todo, and todoTweet automatically creates a task management To-Do list just for you!

It can also find all the hashtags (like #shopping, #fitness, etc.) on your Twitter and allow you to easily create, sort, and organize all your tasks quickly and easily.

Check it out! Made by high school students as well!

todoTweet Into Video from Vimeo on Vimeo.

todoTweet – The twitter task manager.

How to “Fake It Until You Make It” / Be Confident in any Unexpected Discussion or Situation

26 Oct

We can’t all be human encyclopedias, and once in a while, you’re bound to stumble upon a conversation on a topic you know absolutely nothing about. To avoid being left out or seeming ignorant, here are a few tips for “tricking” people into thinking you’re well informed.

1) Project Confidence

2) Know When to Speak

3) Emphasize What You Do Know

4) Don’t Worry about Proving Others Wrong

5) Steer the Discussion to Related Topics

6) Get In a Good Last Word

7) Final Thoughts: When Possible, Learn the Material

via How to Sound Like You Know What Youre Talking About Even When You Dont.

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