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Could ‘Watched On’ Facebook News Feed Stories Save Netflix? You’ll be the one to decide.

29 Dec


Spotify added MILLIONS of new users by partnering with Facebook and sharing which songs Facebook users were listening to. Additionally, partnering with Facebook even helped Spotify gain over 1.5 millon new premium, paying subscribers!

So why can’t Netflix do the same?

After a disastrous Q3 2011, Netflix stands to replace some of the 800,000 subscribers it lost. It’s savior? The Facebook news feed. Earlier this month, the House of Representatives passed a revised bill to change the Video Privacy Protection Act of 1988 to allow people to opt in to having their movie rental activity shared. This Act had delayed the Netflix Facebook app‘s launch in the US. Now the Facebook news feed is beginning to show “Josh Constine watched The Walking Dead on Netflix” stories that point back to the Netflix site. After being enticed by something a friend has watched, Facebook users might sign up and pay on Netflix.com so they can watch too.

Could ‘Watched On’ Facebook News Feed Stories Save Netflix? | TechCrunch.

Netflix 2.0 for iPad Goes Beautifully Clutter-Free

15 Dec


Netflix 2.0 for iPad Goes Beautifully Clutter-Free

So beautiful from a UI/UX perspective.

Netflix 2.0 for iPad Goes Beautifully Clutter-Free.

Facebook + Netflix = FaceFlix? May be coming soon…

8 Dec

Netflix is building an app for Facebook that would let its users see what movies or shows their friends are watching, then click to watch them without having to leave Facebook. But when the two companies announced the app in September, Netflix chief executive Reed Hastings said it wouldn’t be available in the US because of a law from the 1980s that prohibited video rental history sharing.

In an age where people purposefully share their activities with friends, that law has become absurd. Thankfully, the House understands this. A revised bill, which passed the House yesterday, would let providers share video history information after first receiving the user’s consent. Now it just needs to pass the Senate.

This could mean Netflix, which has been losing users right and left after a number of missteps this year, would get access to the 155 million or so Facebook users in the US. Facebook is already driving significant traffic to YouTube and other online video sites, suggesting the app could ultimately result in higher usage and new (or renewed) Netflix subscriptions from Facebook users.

The original Video Privacy Protection Act was passed in 1988 by an angry Congress after a Supreme Court nominee, Robert Bork, had his video rental record published by a journalist. The actual rentals weren’t especially interesting — it was more a jab at Bork’s belief that citizens only had privacy rights provided to them directly by legislation. But Congress’s reaction was to make it illegal for video providers to share what their users watch. A couple cases have since been brought against Blockbuster and Netflix based on the bill, that presumably scared Netflix off from launching the Facebook app.

via Video History Bill Passes House, Struggling Netflix Could Finally Stream On Facebook In US | TechCrunch.

www.CanIStream.It tells you if the movie you’re dying to see is available for streaming online.

2 Nov



CanISteam.It homepage


Can I Stream It? :.

Let’s say you are a regular techie with a Netflix account, a Hulu account, and since you only shop online, you also have an Amazon Prime account. Now let’s say you want to know if a movie you’re dying to watch is available to be streamed instantly, using any of these accounts.

With CanIStream.It, you can search across all of these services and pick the one you want to use. And if the movie you’re looking for is not available, just sign-up, set a reminder and viola we will shoot you an email when your chosen service makes the movie available. It’s simple and fast.

CanIStream.it also searches iTunes and Amazon OnDemand stores; so if a movie isn’t available you might still be able to digitally rent or purchase it.

Just type in the movie title you want to search for and then select “Streaming“, “Rental”, “Purchase”, or “DVD/Blu-ray” from the menu to check for availability. If the movie is available, simply click on the icon and it will take you to the movie page, for the service you selected. If not, then sign-in and set a reminder and we’ll let you know when it becomes available.

Netflix… Netflix? What’s that? NFLX becomes 34.90% cheaper in one day for Amazon-to-Google to buy

25 Oct

With the closing bell today… Netflix tanked 34.90% (-$41.47). Crazy to think it was near $300 just 4 months ago.


Netflix becomes 34.90% cheaper for Amazon-to-Google to buy.

Netflix Shares Fall 36% in Wake of Earnings Report – WSJ.com.

Qwikster Disappears Like the Bad Dream It Was #teechy

10 Oct

Qwikster Disappears Like the Bad Dream It Was.

Qwikster is dead! It’s just going to be Netflix (streaming & DVD) like everyone wanted it. The last price changes will stay the same, but only Netflix from here on out according to the CEO, Reed Hastings.

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