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Future MacBook Pros to Have MacBook Air-like Bodies in March 2012. Standard SSD, Ivy Bridge (20% Faster), Insane Battery Life, and Touchpad Expanded to Entire Palmrest

14 Feb

The Next-Generation MacBook Pro 2012.

The Next-Generation MacBook Pro 2012

Updates will include (standard):

  • MacBook Air-like body for all MacBook Pros (including the 15-in, but possible excluding the 17-in)
  • SSD Drives
  • Intel Ivy Bridge (20% Faster)
  • Insane Battery Life (since there’s no Hard Drive, Ethernet, or Firewire)
  • And a Touchpad Expanded to the Entire Palmrest (transition to the iPad/tablets everywhere)

Teechy.com is OFFICIALLY open for business! Prices for PC/Mac Tune-Up & Optimization = $9.95. Best Buy charges $50.

6 Nov

Teechy.com is now open for business!

Computer Tune-Up & Optimization to Make Your Computer Faster

Best Buy charges $49.99 (plus tax) at the minimum for this exact service.

Teechy charges just $9.95 (plus 7% tax).

  • Cleans up temporary files, startup files, and registry entries
  • Gets rid of hidden adware, malware, and spyware
  • Assesses your anti-virus definitions and status
  • Offers FREE 30-Day Anti-Virus Installation
  • Eliminates files that have been fragmented (Defrags your PC)
  • Updates your Mac or PC with critical updates from Apple and Microsoft, respectively.

For just $5 more, Teechy will install Anti-Theft software to protect your computer from theft. Because no one should ever have to deal with a stolen computer.

  • Installs Anti-Theft software to protect your computer and files and to track your computer to recover it immediately. (*Must select the Standard w/ Anti-Theft Software Installation package)

For more details, visit: https://www.teechy.com/prices.html

Or, make an appointment for your repair/service @ https://www.teechy.com/appointment.php

Have an iPad? Been waiting for the perfect handwritting notes app? Noteshelf may be for you #teechy

10 Oct

Noteshelf for iPad on the iTunes App Store.

I’ve been using PenUltimate forever with my Griffin stylus, but Noteshelf may be my next note-taking app.

PenUltimate has been great for providing multiple colors to write with (about 5-6) and offers wrist-protection and notebook organization, but Noteshelf may be worth the $4.99 tag with all of these great features:

Pros for Noteshelf:

  • Gets your notes and notebooks organized
  • Allows you to customize your notebooks
  • Gives you 17 digital ink pens that provide the writing experience very close to real-life pen & paper. Highlighter, eraser, and wrist protection
  • Exports your notes to PDF and image files
  • Allows direct printing using AirPrint
  • Automatically syncs and uploads your notes to your Dropbox and Evernote accounts
  • Great customer support!

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