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The Motorola RAZR Is $111 for Tomorrow Only

10 Nov





Motorola’s kevlar-lined RAZR is coming out tomorrow at a pretty hefty $300 price tag. Except! Tomorrow’s exceedingly singular, palindromic 11/11/11 date has swayed the folks at AmazonWireless to run a twee little promotion where you can nab a RAZR for $111.11.

Sure, it’s a little hokey, but are you really going to complain about getting almost $200 off an awesome phone because of a dorky campaign? Well, okay, you’re probably still going to make fun of it, but it’s a darn good deal. [AmazonWireless]

The Motorola RAZR Is $111 for Tomorrow Only.

Motorola will make your laptop, desktop, and car mimic your smartphone’s display.

6 Nov





These products now include a car dock for navigation, HDMI dock for entertainment, and lapdock for enhanced productivity. Motorola wasn’t the first company to introduce an HDMI dock, and Asus’ Padfone embeds a handset more directly into another device than do Motorola’s products. Taken together, though, the Motorola dock derby best positions the handset as the heart of a mobile lifestyle — one that can be easily transplanted so that it can overcome the limitations of its native form factor. It is a fitting push for one of the few smartphone companies not vested in other traditional electronic devices such as PCs or televisions. 

At the Droid RAZR launch, the company also announced MOTOACTV, a wearable screen that not only competes with a sudden slew of fitness activity monitors but also acts as a remote user interface for notifications and music control, similar to Sony Ericsson’s LiveView.

MOTOACTV isn’t the only trick that Motorola has at the end of its sleeve, though. The square-screened device also communicates via Bluetooth to one of two headphone sets that not only play music from the phone, but include sensors to measure your heartbeat. (The headphones can also represent your heartbeat audibly without the MOTOACTV.) With the triad of a smartphone, Bluetooth headphones and the MOTOACTV, Motorola is marketing the first genuine personal area network aimed at consumers.

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