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A Refrigerator That Helps You Diet? LG Unveils High-Tech Smart Appliances

17 Jan

A Refrigerator That Helps You Diet? LG Unveils High-Tech Smart Appliances

LG’s new SmartFridge at CES lets you know what’s in your fridge, where it’s located, and when it’s going to expire right on your smartphone! Even when you’re shopping for groceries and can’t remember what you need to buy.

As you input what items you put into your shopping cart, LG populates the nutritional value of each item for dieting.

Furthermore, when you’re ready to cook something, just send the recipe to your SmartOven, and your oven will automatically set to the right temperature and time.

Get your kitchen ready for LG. Hit the jump for Mashable’s video.


A Refrigerator That Helps You Diet? LG Unveils High-Tech Smart Appliances.

You Go To the Gym to Work Out Your Body. So Use Lumosity to Work Out Your Brain & Get Smarter.

7 Nov






Lumosity partners with researchers at Stanford, UCSF, Harvard, and Columbia, among other prestigious universities. We also work with numerous health care organizations to provide cognitive training services.



  • Exercise you’ll love

    Our neuroscientists and game developers work hard to design entertaining exercises you’ll want to play everyday. After all, the harder you train, the stronger your brain. We believe that Lumosity.com is a truly enjoyable experience — and we’re not the only ones who think this.

  • Over 35+ games and exercises

    Lumosity subscribers have access to over 35+ brain games and exercises. Based on extensive research, our games enhance the brain’s ability to remember details, solve problems, pay attention, multitask — and much, much more.

  • Adaptive learning

    While Lumosity.com exercises are easy to learn, they can also be difficult to master. Don’t worry, though, we did this on purpose. Studies have found time and time again that the human brain needs constant challenge. Lumosity.com provides this challenge with the help of proprietary algorithms that adapt the difficulty level to match the needs of each and every subscriber. As you improve, our games get more and more difficult, forcing your brain to improve even more.


Brain Games & Brain Training – Lumosity.

Oh, Andy Rooney. We will dearly miss you. Who else will challenge the viral spread of technology? #rip

6 Nov

Andy Rooneys Best Essays on Technology.

Teechy.com is OFFICIALLY open for business! Prices for PC/Mac Tune-Up & Optimization = $9.95. Best Buy charges $50.

6 Nov

Teechy.com is now open for business!

Computer Tune-Up & Optimization to Make Your Computer Faster

Best Buy charges $49.99 (plus tax) at the minimum for this exact service.

Teechy charges just $9.95 (plus 7% tax).

  • Cleans up temporary files, startup files, and registry entries
  • Gets rid of hidden adware, malware, and spyware
  • Assesses your anti-virus definitions and status
  • Offers FREE 30-Day Anti-Virus Installation
  • Eliminates files that have been fragmented (Defrags your PC)
  • Updates your Mac or PC with critical updates from Apple and Microsoft, respectively.

For just $5 more, Teechy will install Anti-Theft software to protect your computer from theft. Because no one should ever have to deal with a stolen computer.

  • Installs Anti-Theft software to protect your computer and files and to track your computer to recover it immediately. (*Must select the Standard w/ Anti-Theft Software Installation package)

For more details, visit: https://www.teechy.com/prices.html

Or, make an appointment for your repair/service @ https://www.teechy.com/appointment.php

Awesome idea: throw a ball with 36 cameras in the air & get a panoramic at the peak #teechy

18 Oct

Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera // Jonas Pfeil.

Throw a ball loaded with 36 cameras in the air, and get a panoramic at the peak of your toss.

Big thanks to Evan for sharing this with me.

Ideo’s $5k electric bike wins design competition & “boosts” riders uphill

9 Oct

The bike, which cost about $5,000 in parts to make, features a 24-volt, 250-watt motor. To boost power, riders can push a thumb-controlled toggle on the left-handlebar grip to switch on the pedal-assist.

via Ideos electric bike wins design competition | Gaming and Culture – CNET News.

Our blog is officially up and running! Tune into Teechy @ blog.teechy.com

9 Oct


We’re finally up and running! (Our blog, that is. Teechy.com is still being built right now.)

So, tune into Teechy at @ blog.teechy.com for the latest, freshest tech news that you need to upgrade your life.

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