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Could ‘Watched On’ Facebook News Feed Stories Save Netflix? You’ll be the one to decide.

29 Dec


Spotify added MILLIONS of new users by partnering with Facebook and sharing which songs Facebook users were listening to. Additionally, partnering with Facebook even helped Spotify gain over 1.5 millon new premium, paying subscribers!

So why can’t Netflix do the same?

After a disastrous Q3 2011, Netflix stands to replace some of the 800,000 subscribers it lost. It’s savior? The Facebook news feed. Earlier this month, the House of Representatives passed a revised bill to change the Video Privacy Protection Act of 1988 to allow people to opt in to having their movie rental activity shared. This Act had delayed the Netflix Facebook app‘s launch in the US. Now the Facebook news feed is beginning to show “Josh Constine watched The Walking Dead on Netflix” stories that point back to the Netflix site. After being enticed by something a friend has watched, Facebook users might sign up and pay on Netflix.com so they can watch too.

Could ‘Watched On’ Facebook News Feed Stories Save Netflix? | TechCrunch.

Facebook Updates iOS App, Adds Timelines and Friend Lists

18 Dec

Facebook Updates iOS App, Adds Timelines and Friend Lists.

Sure, you know Facebook Timeline is available. But here’s how to get it going now.

15 Dec


Facebook Timeline is finally here for the masses. Wait, you don’t know how to activate it? Fret not, friend, we’ll show you how to get up and running on the new Facebook so you can join in on the fun.

So this is your old boring Facebook wall/profile/whatever. Your life feels meaningless. Facebook wasn’t making you miserable because it was inherently bad. It was totally because you didn’t have the new Timeline view. So let’s fix that. Go up to your URL bar and enterhttp://facebook.com/about/timeline and hit enter.

How to Get Facebook Timeline Right NowNext you’ll land on Facebook’s promo page for Timeline. Endure the sales pitch if you want, but chances are you’re already sold, so just hit that green button at the bottom of the page that says “Get Timeline.”

VOILA PRESTO SHAZAM! Timeline just appeared before your very eyes. It’s gotdamn amazing, isn’t it? You can feel the nihlism seeping out of your body by the second. But before your Timeline transformation is complete, you’ll need to review your page and approve it by hitting “Publish Timeline” in the top right corner. Do it. You know you want to.


And there you have it. You’ve just changed for the better. Now go and live your new, meaning-filled life.


How to Get Facebook Timeline Right Now.

Facebook Timeline is now LIVE for EVERYONE!

15 Dec

The New Facebook Is Finally Here (For Everyone).

WHAT?! You Can Now Send Facebook Wall Posts Back in Time???!

15 Nov


Check it out!

The Facebook wall is our social document of record. Etched in rock like an Attic tablet, the things said on a wall provide a poignant look back at who said what, and when. Not anymore. Timeline lets you rewrite history.

via You Can Now Send Facebook Wall Posts Back in Time.

Facebook’s Timeline is rolling out to the public soon. Check this out to be in the loop! #teechy

10 Oct



Sam Lessin Pitches The Facebook Timeline | TechCrunch.

Because Facebook Timeline is rolling out to the public in the coming weeks, Facebook brought in press last week to do a “deep dive” on this new visual way of organizing our online social lives.

We went through every possible question I had about Timeline, except for maybe, “Why doesn’t Facebook think people will be hesitant to express negative events, like the death of a family member, on Facebook Timeline?.”

Don’t forget, you can get Facebook timeline before everyone else by switching to developer mode. Takes 5 minutes or less. Go here to learn how: http://www.techspot.com/guides/444-get-facebook-timeline/


OFFICIAL: https://www.facebook.com/about/timeline

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