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Verizon just gobbled up $3.6 billion in wireless spectrum. Could it get any better for Verizon customers or any worse for AT&T customers?

2 Dec

Verizon Gobbles Up $3.6 Billion in Wireless Spectrum.

Fortunately, Verizon will continue to fuel its 4G LTE network with this new spectrum addition. That means stronger signal, wider coverage, and fewer dropped calls or failed data communication.

As an AT&T customer, I envy Verizon customers and really hope my wireless provider does something on its end to compete with VerizonWireless. Otherwise, I may be taking myself and my iPhone over to Verizon after my contract ends.

The Motorola RAZR Is $111 for Tomorrow Only

10 Nov





Motorola’s kevlar-lined RAZR is coming out tomorrow at a pretty hefty $300 price tag. Except! Tomorrow’s exceedingly singular, palindromic 11/11/11 date has swayed the folks at AmazonWireless to run a twee little promotion where you can nab a RAZR for $111.11.

Sure, it’s a little hokey, but are you really going to complain about getting almost $200 off an awesome phone because of a dorky campaign? Well, okay, you’re probably still going to make fun of it, but it’s a darn good deal. [AmazonWireless]

The Motorola RAZR Is $111 for Tomorrow Only.

For those of you into Dre’s Beats… they’re going wireless via Bluetooth in November ’11 for $280

23 Oct

But we put the new Beats Wireless headphones through their paces. They’re Bluetooth as well, and sound like it. The rap-friendly signature “Christ, my ear drum” bass was there, but a variety of songs—Chris Brown to Coldplay—sounded muddled and tinny. Probably because Bluetooth just isn’t that great for beaming around audio. The $280 (£180) available next month, were highly comfortable (albeit during a short time on my skull). But the side-mounted buttons were mushy and poorly laid out, and I found myself skipping tracks instead of turning them up.


via Dr. Dre’s Beats Go Wireless But Where’s the @##ing AirPlay? Ears On | Gizmodo UK.

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